Manager Burnout Becoming the “New Normal”

An unavoidable side-effect of the Covid-19 pandemic has been a profound shift in workplace culture, with unprecedent stresses being placed on managers and employees alike.  The pandemic has created major challenges to work timelines and reporting structures, leaving managers to figure out how to balance it all while respecting the fact that many employees are facing demands and pressures on the home front.

Anxiety Over Job Security, Health, and Lack of Resources

Not surprisingly, recent surveys are showing that managers are stressed, under-resourced, and in desperate need of support. A June 2021 study by McKinsey & Co found that managers have been twice as likely over the past year and a half to take on additional work assignments (compared to non-managers). They also report double the amount of anxiety over job security, health, and lack of workplace resources, compared with the non-management participants in the study.

As a result of the additional stresses being placed on managers during the pandemic, workplaces are seeing high rates of mental health issues and performance problems among their leaders. As workplaces gradually begin to return to “normal” (which admittedly might not look exactly like the previous definition of normal), what can be done to support managers who are on the brink of burnout?

Taking Care of Managers

In these times of continued uncertainty, giving managers the tools they need to successfully lead the rest of your team is essential. As we gradually emerge from the the pandemic, managers are now faced with the additional task of returning their workplace to some semblance of normalcy, while re-integrating employees into an office routine after many months of working from home. What can be done to make this process easier for everyone?

Bringing in a management coach to provide some refreshers on positive communication, employee engagement, team building, and change management can go a long way towards boosting the morale of your leadership team. Coaching sessions can also focus on stress management and self care, giving your managers techniques on how to better cope with anxiety during these challenging times.

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