Loosening of Ontario Covid Restrictions

Though proof of vaccination (POV) will no longer be required at restaurants and many other venues in Ontario, it is expected that some businesses and organizations will maintain the passport requirement for entry (there is no requirement to eliminate POV, it is simply no longer mandatory).

Even though POV was discontinued as of March 1, please keep in mind that masking and daily COVID questionnaires for employees remains in effect.  We expect these remaining measures, including self-isolation requirements,  to be discontinued at some point in March.

In relation to this, many of you have asked whether mandatory Vaccination Policies should (or will) continue in the months ahead.  While we will continue to monitor this issue closely, we remain of the view that most employers should have a policy, regardless of government mandate requirements. We also expect the majority of Public Health units in the province to continue recommending them. If no new COVID strains present in the Fall and this remains the case at year-end, our view may change.  However, to abandon the work that has been done to implement this safety foundation now – only to have to re-implement these measures again in the Fall – in our opinion, appears short-sighted and is therefore not advised.

We will continue to keep you updated on any new developments, however, please feel free to contact us any time if you need assistance interpreting these or any other HR issues in your workplace.

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