In a move aimed at promoting transparency and accountability in the hiring process, Ontario’s Labour Minister, David Piccini, is set to announce new legislation that mandates large companies to disclose whether a job posting is currently available or intended for future openings. Employers will also be obligated to provide feedback to job applicants they’ve interviewed.

The proposed measures build upon Ontario’s previous “Working for Workers” bills, which aimed to enhance transparency by requiring salary ranges in job ads and eliminating Canadian work experience as a requirement. The legislation seeks to address the prevalence of “ghost jobs,” where job-seekers applied for positions that either didn’t exist or were reserved for internal hires.

While specifics of the regulations are yet to be outlined, the government plans to establish a reporting mechanism for non-compliance, with the Ministry of Labour adopting a progressive enforcement approach, starting with informing companies of their obligations before resorting to penalties.

The ministry stated that the proposed changes aim to level the playing field for jobseekers and position Ontario as a pioneer in setting standards for employer responsiveness. Consultations will be held to refine the legislation, including discussions on the size of companies to be covered and potential penalties.

Note that small businesses will be exempt from these new rules. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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